BSL Caring for Clownfish Programme

This is an innovative programme designed to take positive environmental stewardship action by addressing the overharvesting of wild Clownfish off reef environments. Through a Clownfish captive breeding programme established at the Centre, students and community engage in learning experiences to educate around sustainable fishing, reef health and provide student centred, hands on learning beyond the capacity of the classroom.

The Boyne Island Environmental Education Centre (BIEEC) see approximately 3,800 students each year through day visit programmes, residential programmes and community events. Of this figure it is estimated about 1,100 students would have had direct access, education and contribution within the BSL Caring for Clownfish programme.

Every student attending a residential camp programme assists in tank maintenance through cleaning, water top ups and water testing along with feeding. A new day visit programme called “Nemo Nurturers” aimed at Year 4 science Life Cycles was developed and a small number of students participated in this programme. In 2021 approximately 227 students are booked in to participate in this stand-alone day-visit programme learning all about caring for clownfish through reef sustainability (see the life of clownfish here).

The project was officially launched in December 2019, a community education and training event was held in June 2020 and the programme continues to progress well. BIEEC Principal, Michael Gabrielle provides an update of this exciting programme.

BSL Bee Sustainable Project

This is an innovative programme designed to take positive environmental action through a sustainable native bee education programme. The programme is currently being established at the Centre where students and community will be able to engage in learning experiences to educate around the incredible role bees play in pollination and plant health in our environment. Establishment of hives in a range of various natural and manmade nests will allow students and community to view and learn about these important creatures.

Education Programmes

The Boyne Island Environmental Education Centre (BIEEC) sees 3,800 students through our centre every year for various programmes. It is estimated that approximately 1,100 students will directly be involved in the programme through a residential camp experience or through a day visit programme targeting curriculum content that will involve the Bee Sustainable programme.

This project is in its infancy and BIEEC will be working closely with the Gladstone Branch of the Australian Native Bee Association and BSL in order to establish hives for educational and environmental purposes. Students across local schools, Gladstone region schools and the wider Central QLD school community will benefit from attending BIEEC learning experiences and interacting with the BEE Sustainable programme.

The project will be formally launched later in 2021 but we are excited to hear from Ian Anderson of the Australian Native Bee Assoc. Gladstone branch, who recently rehomed the first native bee hive which was rescued from the BSL Buffer Zone and donated to the Boyne Island Environmental Education Centre for inclusion in the project.

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