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We are proud of the success we have had in Gladstone by investing in employment and training, childcare and the environment.

Based on research and consultation, the Gladstone community now sees improving the provision of health services as a top priority.

Our Here for Health programme was formed in 2012, gathering Gladstone’s leaders in health services, to identify gaps in service provision.

Since then, the programme has invested significantly in the development of a ‘One Gladstone Health Plan’ which has created a better understanding of community need. The major areas identified in the plan were the need to address the availability/quality of:

  • Primary health care (GPs)
  • In-patient care / hospital services
  • Community care / public health
  • Aged care
  • Health education and promotion
  • Mental health

The Here for Health Committee will continue to progress the focus areas identified in the One Gladstone Health Plan and has already established a Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs subcommittee and appointed a dedicated project officer to tackle this serious issue in the region.

Outcomes of Investment

In 2005, we identified a shortage of midwives in the local community which was impacting on the ability of the hospital to offer local midwifery services.  We offered midwifery scholarships to encourage people to pursue qualifications in midwifery which resulted in several people graduating to take up local midwifery positions. Total investment for midwifery training and qualifications was $142,000

In 2013, The Here for Health Committee invested in the One Gladstone Health Plan (Part One) that undertook statistical analysis of health issues and demand and supply of a variety of health services within Gladstone, with the aim of identifying gaps and investment opportunities in the region. The contribution to the One Gladstone Health Plan was $70,000 and support to facilitate and host the Here for Health Committee has amounted to $180,000 since inception.


Here for Mental Health, Alcohol & Other Drugs

Our Current Focus

In 2017, the Here for Health Committee identified and prioritised investment in addressing the mental health, alcohol and other drugs issues facing our community.

In 2018, the Rio Tinto Here for Gladstone Advisory Board appointed a project officer to investigate the services gaps and challenges faced by our community in accessing timely and relevant services for mental health alcohol and other drugs support and interventions.  This project resulted in the publication of a mental health research paper  VIEW: Mental Health In Gladstone 2019

During 2019, the project progressed with the development of a community response plan outlining what we could do to make a difference in our community.  Our Business Case document sets out our plans for developing a community led Mental Health integrated hub that focuses on supporting and connecting services and reducing barriers to entry for those people seeking help and support.  Take a look at our video showcasing our project below:  MHAOD Project

We have launched a new charity called Collective Action Social Impact (CASI Ltd) to  manage the Mental Health Integrated Hub as a community led, collective action initiative.

Updates on this project can be obtained from our news page.


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