Here for Gladstone

Our Work

Here for Gladstone is solely focused on improving the health, livelihood and welfare of the Gladstone community. Since our establishment in 2002, we have invested $6.35 million into the Gladstone community on a range of projects.

The main investment categories have been:

  • Employment and training
  • Childcare
  • Environment
  • Small business development
  • Health sector

Through independent research and consultation, we identify gaps in services, gather the right experts and proactively seek to improve Gladstone’s livability by financing solutions. More than 40 community projects have been identified by our team; chosen for their educational, health or livelihood benefits for the greater Gladstone region.

Over time, as Gladstone’s needs have changed, so have our focus areas. Our primary work now is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed and grow, and addressing health care needs in our community.

View our 2018 Snapshot here RTCF Snapshot 2018

Our previous programmes


In 2007, Here for Gladstone commissioned a regional visioning study, known as ‘Vision 2028’. The purpose of this study was to obtain a grassroots understanding of the key concerns and opportunities Gladstone residents saw for the region over the next 20 years. The outcomes of this study, and others, highlighted that a shortage of childcare places was one of the top community concerns.

Through a multi-pronged approach we are proud to have invested over $1.4m in:

  • 133 new childcare places created through the provision of a financial incentive for people to establish a family day care business.
  • 19 new local businesses created through the provision of a financial incentive for people to establish a family day care business.
  • 52 new or up-skilled educators and trainees made up of 14 new school-based trainees and 14 new educators to complete a Certificate III in Children’s Services.

Employment and training

Between 2005 and 2010, Here for Gladstone invested $1.76m in the employment and training sector to develop clear pathways into the local workforce through:

  • The start up of EQIP, a non-profit organisation collaborating with schools, industry and community to create opportunities for students to develop valuable employability skills, knowledge and experience.
  • An investment in the Gladstone Area Group Apprentice organisation (GAGAL) to assist with developing the training and apprentice opportunities within Gladstone.
  • Investing in local High Schools to help them set up appropriate workshops and resources to support high school based training and alternative education streams into industry.


Here for Gladstone has invested in the local environment through Conservation Volunteers Australia and partnered with local educators to develop and deliver environmental education within the Gladstone Region.

Investment of close to $700,000 has been made towards:

  • Wapentake Wetlands Conservation Plan
  • Byelle Wetlands Nature Park Project
  • Police Creek Interpretative Signage Project
  • Conservation Volunteers CQ office development
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