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Supporting COVID recovery

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Rio Tinto reached out to the community with additional community investment funding to address the impact of Covid support, recovery and build the resilience of our community.

On top of the planned Here for Gladstone investments (Here for Gladstone represents the community contributions of Rio Tinto Yarwun, Boyne Smelters Limited and Queensland Alumina Limited), additional contributions totaling more than $500,000 were made to support our local community.  The funding supported a diverse range of initiatives such as domestic and family violence programs, care packs, mental health services, equipment to enhance Covid safety, small business recovery programs and support for local charities to adjust to Covid and beyond.

Here are three examples of how Here for Gladstone lifts up locals across the Gladstone region.

  1. The Rotary Club of Boyne-Tannum

Here for Gladstone has donated $3,000 to the Rotary Club of Boyne-Tannum to help organise backpacks to be filled with essential goods for vulnerable children.

The backpacks and goods have been organised in consultation with the Queensland Police Service and Family Services.

“Just things that kids might appreciate, or they haven’t got any of their own possessions, and just need a bit of care and entertainment,” Treasurer Rebecca said.

A sweep of items are arranged in draws, everything from toothbrushes and clothing to books and toys.

If police officers identify a child in need, they can fill up the backpacks with essential items and offer them to the child.

Importantly, the goods aren’t ‘cheap’ items, but can be branded goods.

“We’re trying to give these kids a bit of dignity,” Rebecca said.

The backpacks and draws have been shipped to Gladstone Police Station.

“We can tailor each care package to the relevant child,” Detective Sergeant Marya Barton, the officer in charge of Gladstone Child Protection and Investigation Unit, said.

The backpacks are in place and ready to go!



  1. Nightwatch Chaplain

Here for Gladstone has donated $5,000 to Nightwatch Chaplain to help the support group develop and prepare their Rest and Recovery Centre in Gladstone Central.

The centre is staffed by paramedics and nurses and it serves as a vital ‘first port of call’.

The chaplains get people who might have had too much to drink or might not be in full control of themselves after a night out, off the streets and into the centre for care and attention.

“The whole rest and recovery area is run like a mini-clinic,” Nightwatch Team Leader Paul Koen said.

“We do a first intervention.”

Here for Gladstone’s donation means the centre will have the equipment it needs to provide excellent care.

Specifically, the money has helped to purchase a Connex vital signs monitor, defibrilators, murphey beds, safety mats and first aid supplies.

Nightwatch Chaplain has been in Gladstone for roughly a year and the centre is in the process of being fully set up.

“It (the donation) will help us get the equipment in,” Mr Koen said.

The centre, located on 24 Goondoon Street, is due to be up and running by the end of the month.

  1. QCWA – Tannum Sands

Here for Gladstone has donated $4,000 to the Tannum Sands branch of the Queensland Country Women’s Association (QCWA).

President Natalia Muszkat has expressed her keen appreciation for the boost.

“We used the donation to buy a complete set of new chairs. The chairs that we purchased are more hygienic. They’re easier to clean during the time of Covid,” she said.

Altogether, the club purchased some 30 anti-bacterial chairs, which cost roughly $120 each.

The donation was also used to purchase paper and soap dispensers for the walls of the toilet.

Natalia put in an application for the support in late July and she said the process was “very easy.”

The application was accepted in August.

“We’ve had the chairs for about a month now,” Natalia said.

The donation has made it easier for the group to live in the Covid era and continue with their weekly meetings and events.

The association counts 16 full-time members, but many more stop by the hall for a range of activities.

Here for Gladstone’s donation also comes at a special moment for the association.

This year, Tannum Sands QCWA celebrates its 50th anniversary.

“We just had a celebration,” Natalia said.

Congratulations to Covid Investment Fund recipients that includes:

  • Ambrose State School
  • Anglicare Men’s Shelter
  • Boyne Primary School
  • Boyne Tannum Men’s Shed
  • Boyne Tannum Rotary Club
  • Calliope State School
  • Calliope State High School
  • Chanel College
  • ChaplainWatch Gladstone
  • Communities for Children
  • Equestrian Club
  • Gladstone Central Committee of the Ageing
  • Gladstone Mindcare
  • Gladstone South State School
  • Gladstone State High School
  • Gladstone Women’s Health Centre
  • Miriam Vale State Primary & High School
  • Mt Larcom State School
  • Not for Profit House
  • Port Curtis Coral Coast Trust
  • QCWA local branches (Ambrose, Boyne Valley, Gladstone, Mount Larcom, Tannum Sands)
  • Roseberry Queensland
  • Rosella State School
  • Sundale Ltd – Bindaree Aged Care
  • St Francis Catholic Primary School
  • Tannum Sands State School
  • Tannum Sands State High School
  • Toolooa State School
  • Trinity College
  • Westowe Rural Fire Brigade
  • Yarwun State School P&C


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